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Welsh Rugby Union

The Welsh Rugby Union is the governing body of rugby union in Wales, recognised by the sport’s international governing body, World Rugby.

Qualitative market research

Whilst working in Cardiff for S A Brain & Co Ltd, I was involved with sponsorship of Wales Rugby and as Official Beer of The Millennium Stadium. Since going freelance in 2009, I have been commissioned as a freelance qualitative researcher to explore brand engagement on three projects:

Understanding brand connections

To gain understanding about how fans of Welsh rugby connect and engage with the WRU brand, including:
The motivation to attend games and what may prevent attendance.
How expectations and aspirations of the WRU brand are met.
What do fans regard as good value.
Which communication routes and styles best reach the typical fan.
Key actions required to enable fans to embrace the WRU’s mission, values and beliefs and how to give these meaning.

Improving the web experience

To provide insight into all web interfaces, by experiencing everything available from the web-site. Key questions to answer were:
What does it feel like to be a user of the WRU site?
How easy, clear and effective are the products and services?
What works and what does not work?
How specifically could the consumer experience be improved?

How to engage the 16-19 age group

To gain understanding about the factors affecting the involvement and engagement in rugby among 16-19 year olds in South Wales, in order to inform future decisions on how to develop and maintain involvement in all levels of rugby in Wales.
Key questions to be answered were:
Why is there a lapse/drop off in numbers of players playing rugby after aged 16?
What prevents players at age 16 from continuing to Youth Rugby for 16-19 year olds?
What would 15 – 19 year olds want rugby to be like?
What are the factors which influence involvement in rugby during the transition from age-banding (U12 – U16) to Youth Rugby (16 – 19’s)?

Clients include: