A signal for change

S A Brain & Co Ltd

Creation of an in-house market research resource whilst Head of Marketing at Brains was the springboard for me to start Hoqus Foqus in 2009, since when Brains have been a client on many qualitative research projects.
I led the Brains marketing team for over 10 years of brand reinvigoration, during which I conducted in-house workshops and focus groups, having trained as a moderator and facilitator.


Since 2009, a number of consumer research projects have been completed, including the following topics:
1. Design development of cask ale range pump-clips.
2. Design development of ‘The Rev James’ premium ale pump-clip and bottle label.
3. Advertising strategy and concepts.
4. New product development of a stout alternative, Brains Black, including tasting.
5. Development of food menu concepts.
6. Six projects investigating the current and future positioning of individual premises, including local pubs and city centre bars.
7. Food offering for Coffee #1


After bringing market research in-house in 2005, focus groups were conducted for:
New products
Customer incentive schemes
Food menus
Cask beer
Point-of-sale design
Implications of the smoking ban in pubs.

Clients include: