A signal for change

MR B & Friends, Headwater Holidays

Consumer attitude and behaviour

Headwater has 30 years of experience in providing walking, cycling and activity holidays, offering options in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bath-based agency, Mr B & Friends commissioned me as a freelance qual researcher for their client on three projects starting in 2010 to understand behaviour and attitudes in relation to Headwater Holidays’ brochure design and web-site functionality.

Actionable insight

The first phase of focus groups in 2010 involved both existing customers and non-customers of Headwater Holidays. Insight gained demonstrated the degree to which the brochure design was fit for purpose, how it compared to competitors. A checklist of actionable improvements was identified and a growing role for the web-site was clear, so this was identified for the next phase of research.

Web-site fitness for purpose

Secondly, qual research on usability of the Headwater Holidays web-site was conducted in focus groups in London using a live feed of the site to involve participants and to witness behaviours along the customer journey. Together with other stimulus, actionable improvements were identified for the web-site which can be seen here.

Design finesse

The latest phase of qual research revisited the brochure design, and served to refine further minor changes to the brochure design and to investigate the total customer journey, for which use of the internet and of the Headwater web-site were also defined.

Clients include: