A signal for change

Millennium Stadium

Assessment of risk

Whilst working in Cardiff for S A Brain & Co Ltd, I was involved with sponsorship of Wales Rugby and as Official Beer of The Millennium Stadium. After going freelance in 2009, I was commissioned as a freelance qualitative researcher to assess the likely response by WRU/MS debenture holders at the time of their future extension to 2050, in view of the potential financial implications for WRU/MS.

Conclusive evidence

Given the personal and financial nature of the decision, one-to-one interviews with respondents were recommended, with audio recording. Ideally these took place when and where the respondent was most at ease, mostly in their own home.
A short timescale was available and the researcher made initial contact by phone, there was a choice of either a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview. Qualitative research by phone is most effective firstly when the respondent’s permission is gained in advance with an appointment made for the call, rather than coming ‘out of the blue’ and secondly when the research topic is a succinct one, such as this project. Including at least a proportion of telephone interviews enabled the sample size to be larger and for the timescale to be short.
Conclusive evidence was found from all respondents which informed the decision on how to approach renewal of debentures – a decision which had a multi-million pound implication on the balance sheet.

Clients include: