A signal for change

Grittleton House School

Ideas and action plans

Grittleton House is an independent day school for girls and boys aged 2-16.

At a time of change and diversification in 2011/12, a priority for the organisation was the sharing and spreading of consistent positive messages about the school among teachers and parents.

Hoqus Foqus was appointed to facilitate, moderate and coach the participation of teachers in the generation of ideas and action plans to support the long term sustainability of the total business.

Stakeholder engagement

An initial presentation was made to all teaching staff and to parents which generated a lot of enthusiasm for their opportunity to provide feedback.

Workshops were conducted among four groups of teachers which were designed to start the process of generating active ‘advocacy’ throughout the team of teachers, channelling feedback towards ideas for improvements, including:

1.Response to ideas from the management team.

2.Actioning ‘quick wins’ within financial guidelines.

3.Operational changes for which teachers would take responsibility.

4.Review of demotivating factors.

5.Identification of individuals as ‘champions’ of future initiatives.

6.The definition of required behaviours as part of performance appraisals.

Clients include: