A signal for change



Audience engagement

The RFU proposed to consult a number of target consumer groups for insight to help shape key propositions as part of a wide-ranging CRM initiative leading up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the legacy of the tournament in terms of wider engagement of key audiences. The qualitative research sought to provide insight based on the opinions and attitudes of eleven identified audiences.

‘Grass roots’ initiatives

Eleven focus groups were held, one with each target audience. All groups were held at RFU HQ in Twickenham and recruitment was conducted in-house via RFU databases. Each group comprised 8 respondents including the young players, for which my CRB-checked certification proved valuable.

The research was extended to a second stage to engage the interest of both men and women as coaches, referees and administrators at ‘grass roots’ club level. Focus groups held at local clubs identified blockages and provided ideas for initiatives which could be taken at local rugby club level.

Clients include: