A signal for change

Dryad Handrails

Marketing support

Dryad Handrails Ltd., trading as ‘Handrail Systems’ required a brochure for face-to-face use by the sales team, to replace an existing outdated brochure and to reflect the current trading stance. The company was acquired by Citadel Products during the period when I was providing sales and marketing advice for the group as a whole.

The brochure was aimed primarily at commercial clients such as building contractors, architects and local authorities as a summary of the capabilities of Handrail Systems, with photos of completed installations illustrating the high quality, craftsmanship and versatility involved in the finished products.

In liaison with the team based at the newly acquired business, a written brief was developed which was issued to a graphic designer. Images were a limiting factor, overcome by me taking photos at low cost.

Clients include: