A signal for change


Marketing support

Sales and marketing advice was required for a multi-faceted business which was facing challenges in a highly competitive domestic market, and which was diversifying into new markets both in the UK and internationally.

Telford-based Citadel Products has established a business designing and producing quality bespoke products for the security, leisure and fencing industries, through working in partnership with its clients.

A subsidiary, Citadel Environmental Services, CES, has developed ‘Citadel Biocat+’ which can transform the performance of anaerobic digestion plants, increasing biogas production whilst improving stability and reducing both cycle time and odours.

Citadel International Security Services, CISS, meets the demand for total security solutions to prevent unauthorised entry and terrorist attack at production and refinery sites of oil companies mainly in Equatorial Africa. Core products such as high security fencing are manufactured at the factory in Telford whilst sourcing and procurement are provided to ensure a fully integrated security solution.

Employee engagement

For Citadel Products, 1:1 interviews with all employees were conducted to identify blockages to sales order processing which led to greater consistency in response to customer requirements by re-allocation of resources, provision of job descriptions, and with a more structured approach to meetings. Marketing collateral was designed and delivered. A redesign of the web-site was coordinated and implemented.

For CES, a web-site was designed, structured and populated. Implementation of the site included the sourcing and appointment of a web design specialist. Sales presentations were designed in addition to case-history leaflets in a downloadable format.

Sales leaflets and trade show support items were designed for CISS.

Web-sites for the divisions of Citadel can be seen at:



Clients include: