A signal for change

B&W Equine Vets

The customer experience

B&W is the leading practice of equine vets in the west of England and Wales which was established in 2009 as a result of the merger of two practices. The company has created the region’s only specialist equine clinic and operates from four regional clinic sites.

After a competitive pitch, I was appointed in 2014 to conduct a review of the current customer experience and employee engagement in order to generate understanding and engagement in common goals.

Employee engagement

Strategic direction and employee alignment was provided by identification and presentation of mission, values and brand essence based on insight gained from internal and external stake-holders.

External research involved interviews with existing customers and with non-customers. Internal research was conducted through interviews with stake-holders and by the design and facilitation of employee workshops.


The six month project included my taking interim responsibility for the marketing function in generating and implementing tactical activity, pending the appointment of an internal candidate for the newly specified role of Marketing Manager.

The project encompassed every element from customer research through to implementation of marketing activity during 2015, such as graphic design of marketing collateral and event support. This was integrated with the development of job specifications and appraisals to align employees with the strategic direction.

Following appointment of a new marketing manager, the web-site was redesigned and can be seen here.

Clients include: