A signal for change

Actify Inc.

The brief

Actify Inc provides dashboard-based business insight called product data intelligence, generating process innovation to engineering and manufacturing operations.

Deployment is agile, collaborative and tailor-made to individual customer requirements and fast compared to industry norms.

In 2013 the web-site needed redesigning to be integrated with the sales strategy and therefore to be more supportive of the business growth strategy.

New products required a ‘solution selling’ approach within which the web-site had a crucial role in support of customer engagement and education by:

1.Motivating potential customers to anticipate problems which can be solved using insight gained from product data intelligence.

2.Generating excitement and interest around the potential for product data intelligence in discrete manufacturing industry.

3.Generating sales enquiries by tantalising potential customers with benefits specific to the problems faced by the discrete manufacturing industry.


Web-site redesign

My role was to provide a written brief and to coordinate redesign, text writing and population of the new web-site in liaison with the client team and with a California-based design agency. the site can be viewed here.

Clients include: